Sunday, May 25, 2014

Packing & Moving

From one nest to another
A lot lesser than a vagabond though.
All possessions finally anyway get into packed cardboard boxes-
Neatly labelled with what’s inside each box.
Of books, clothes, utensils and miscellany,
The list seemed unending...
Amidst cobwebs and clutter
She saw a verse flow across
And lazily sipped on green tea;
Not to forget flavours- Mint and Jasmine!
With lilting notes playing at the backdrop
Viaduct her medium wave pal!
Occasionally virtual space kept silent company too.
With a few movements already taking effect,
A certain vacuum had formed...
She heard her own voice echo
Soon photos would hang on different walls
Sleep too, on the same bed, yet a different room.
Life will still move on; would say- this will pass too!

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