Tuesday, May 27, 2014


What a dicy affair this is. Loads of judgement unwarrantedly infused. Of advice on how one could have bettered the conversation and all the gobbledygook that ensues. A bloody prejudiced society we live in. Of all the acts, talking is the stickiest and trickiest. Mincing words, walking the talk, talking the talk and what not? What the hell is wrong in being oneself? But yeah, there is a defence for this. Reticence. Yes. Reticence takes the cake! At least then I’ll be called a woman of few words! Smiling and being genial is a problem too. Oh wait. Then you’d be termed ‘extrovert’ and would be pushed to a category of people who have a placard nailed on their forehead that says- “Hey you know what, you can woo me into anything!” Yeah? If that’s what smiling denotes- then damn- Smile shall be served only upon request and not be wasted. 
Oh boy- there’s one more to be mentioned- whilst one talks- whether you got your grammar right in elementary or not is secondary. If only you get the subject ‘I’ wrongly placed, that’s it! It’s the end of story! I and We get interchangeably used according to the whims and fancies of an individual. If only you get that concept straight- you’re saved. Else, keep battling with yourself- I/Me/Myself or We/Us/Ourselves?!

Ending with a quote of mine- “Hypocrisy is a word that I like of late, for I could be hypocritical about using it!”