Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blinded by Love

Blinded by love
She forgot the people who helped her
Stood for her...
Her virtual love just remained as an existence
Not once did she bother to check if there was life ticking on the other end- The actual sound of a heart beat when you place your ear hard, against the chest. 
She delightfully strutted around, without care
She listened to no fret
Her eyes just met the virtual him all the while
Until one day she realised, she was just used. Plain and simple - just used...
The words of her 'actual' friend then just echoed- so loud 
That a sense of regret brought a gush of tears
Trickling down her cheeks
Tasting the salt of the tear drops,
She said: How could I have not taken notice of you, my dear friend?
You were there all the while...
After all, I spoke to you more often than I did to the 'insignificant' other...
Thank you, she whispered- teary-eyed.