Sunday, August 3, 2014

A rabbit inside the moon

Sultry nights got cousins and I to the terrace to sleep every night
As kids we enjoyed the time together
Watching the sky 
Connecting every cloud to a country or a continent!
Lying down, we'd tell each other:
Hey look, this one resembles India
Kashmir to Kanyakumari-
The geography is just right!
And that one, slightly wide with a tapering end-
Is totally like North America...!
Just before we shut our eyes,
One peek towards the moon-
And we spot a rabbit inside it!
Sensing cliffs and craters could be what everyone else does
But as a child, I always saw a rabbit, perched on the surface of the moon
Years have passed by, I have evolved with time,
So have states in India increased in number 
Yet the rabbit still remains- perched- 
I can see its long ear lobes
Against the background of the whitish-grey backdrop:
The moon- with a rabbit inside!

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