Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Inside the cupboard

Her place of worship was the cupboard- no rituals- devoid of inhibitions- devoid of even clothes at times- devoid of anything ostentatious- just her God and her. He stood inside, with multiple dispositions- sometimes smiling, sometimes grumpy and long-faced, sometimes laughing! At every point during a given day, she had one of the doors of the cupboard open- just to take a peek and check Him out- as though it was her boyfriend who stood there all day. Sometimes, child-like delight ensued, sometimes no reaction at all- just an innate sense of assurance that He is around, right there for her. 

Of late, something quaint had been happening quite often though- She saw her God smile at her each time she stood teary-eyed before Him; and each time she was excited- She saw Him sulking and looking disinterested. Until she got a friendly response from her God, she would hang around there- What's more, she even put a mirror right in front of her God and watched herself romance with The Lord, her Krishna.



    Kannan Anugrahikattum :)